Watson AI Assisted Chatbot for ASM Users

Hackathon Project:

As a part of this hackathon project, chatbot is trained by the Watson AI and aims to assist the user for ASM related queries.

For example, you can ask the chatbot:

What is new in the ASMi?
What are the options available for Speculative Execution Control?
How to enable Speculative Execution?
Give me a detail about speculative execution control.


  • Aniruddha Chaudhari
  • Sunitha Harish

How Watson AI Assisted Chatbot for ASM Users can add value to our Business?

  • Available 24*7
  • Educating and handling customers for their ASM queries
  • No more exhaustive searches on Knowledge Center
  • Proactive assistance to the customers
  • Can have parallel conversations with thousands of ASM users
  • Interactive marketing platform (What customers are actually looking for…)
  • Predicting what our customers will need (Smarter AI capabilities)

Disclaimer: The chatbot accuracy is based on the trained datasets.