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Personal Detail

  • 29 yo, Indian
  • M.Tech. (Computer Science), NIT Trichy
  • Member Technical Staff 3 in NetApp
  • Professional Python Developer
  • 5.5+ Years of IT Experience
  • Linguistic Proficiency in English, Hindi, Marathi
aniruddha chaudhari


M.Tech. (2016)Computer Science & EngineeringNIT, Trichy8.47(10)
B.Tech. (2012)Computer Science & EngineeringGCOE, Amravati7.93(10)
HSC (2008)Vocational (Comp. Sci.)Maharashtra State Board92.50%
SSC (2006)ScienceMaharashtra State Board86.53%


  • REST API Solution to Enable Upgrading Services in NetApp Storage (NetApp)
    Developing REST API solution to download, upload and manage upgrade packages and to enable upgrading other services in NetApp storage.
    Technology used: Python, REST API, Jenkins, Git/Bitbucket, Bintray
  • IBM Power System Management using Redfish and REST APIs (IBM)
    Developing solution for IBM Power System to configure and maintain customers data centers using RESTful APIs.
    Technology used: Python, Redfish, REST, Postman, Jenkins, Bottle Web Framework, Curl
  • Automating IBM Power Server Simulation (IBM)
    Developing Python based framework for automation. Running automation script through the Jenkins and collecting artifacts.
    Technology used: Python, JSON, Jenkins
  • Developing Watson AI Assisted Chatbot for IBM Power Server Users (IBM)
    User can ask their questions instead of going to the knowledge center and deployed it to the Bluemix.
    Technology used: Python for Data Analysis, Watson APIs, IBM Bluemix Cloud
  • Tool Development for Analyzing Performance of Power System Simulation (IBM)
    Graphical User Interface for the performance metrics. Collecting the statistics from simulation logs and displaying in a Python-based solution. Useful in understanding simulation bottlenecks and profiling of hardware for a particular software running on it
    Technology used: Python 2.7, HTML, CSS, Google APIs, matplotlib Python module
  • An IoT based Appliance Control System for Smart Home (MTech Project)
    All home appliances get controlled (switch o/off) remotely over the internet from micro web server where user login to their account.
    Hardware used: Arduino Microcontroller, Ethernet Internet Shield
    Software used: Arduino 1.6.5 IDE, C
  • Complex Event Processing System in Network Security (MTech Project)
    Developing a Complex Event Processing (CEP) system that process massive amount of logs, extract relevant data, finds the attack patterns based on CEP rules.
    The CEP engine which we are using in this system is ESPER.
    Technology used: Python and Py modules for Data Analytics
  • Patient Billing Software (PBS) for Hospital (Appreciated by IBM TGMC Contest) (BTech)
    Maintaining the location (bed no.) of each patient either in the ward or ICU, information about the patient and calculates charges to be paid by patient. Submitted project to IBM TGMC-2010 project development competition successfully.
    Technology used: HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Servlets, AJAX with DB2 database

Personal Project

  • Web Scraping Zomato Application for Finding Top Restaurant in Bangalore
    Technology used: Python 3, Web Scraping, Bottle Web Framework, Google Map API
    Screenshot 1Screenshot 2 | Screenshot 3 
  • Watson AI Assisted Chatbot to Answer Questions related to FIFA World Cup
    Technology used: Python 2, Bluemix, Web Scraping

Software Skills

  • Python, Git, Jenkins, RESTFul APIs, Redfish, Bottle Web Framework, Curl, Data Analytics


  • Data Analysis with Python (CognitiveClass.ai) [Certificate]
  • Build Chatbots with Watson Assistant (CognitiveClass.ai) [Certificate]
  • Machine Learning with Python (CognitiveClass.ai) [Certificate]

Work Experience

  • MTS 3 (Member Technical Staff 3) in NetApp (29 Jan 2020 – present)
  • System Developer in IBM ISDL Lab (2 Jun 2016 – Present)
  • Internship in IBM ISDL Lab (2 Jan 2016 – 30 May 2016)
  • Associate Software Engineer in Global Logic (8 Apr 2013 – 14 Aug 2014)


  • Enterprise Systems Development- Execution Excellence Award in IBM (Sept 2018) [Certificate]
  • Recognition for IBM ISDL Hackathon “Redfish Event and Error Log Management” (Nov 2018) [Certificate]
  • Participated in The Great Mind Challenge 2011, IBM’s National Level project development contest [Certificate]
  • Got appreciation of Merit of HSC with the score of 92.50% (Mar 2008)
  • Passed Elementary Grade Drawing Examination (2002)

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